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Read a Newspaper Before Your Next Interview!

If you have a big meeting or job interview coming up, sit back and read a newspaper instead of checking out your smartphone. The change in the posture you make by holding a newspaper out with both hands can help you be more confident in your interactions. Do you wonder why??

Many research studies have been performed on the posture you have and the chemicals your body release while in that stance. The data produced from these studies show us that your posture has a lot to do with your mindset. When you have an expansive posture and take up more space - such as standing with a broad stance and your hands on your hips - the body produces higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol. Testosterone is the hormone that gives us confidence and increases charisma and cortisol is the hormone that dictates our stress levels. So just by altering your posture, you can feel more powerful, positive and persuasive. The opposite is also true. If you sit hunched over and tuck your chin in, you will feel weaker and less confident.

Now imagine you are in the reception area where you are waiting for a job interview or a crucial meeting. If you are bent over your smartphone, with your elbows pulled into your waist and your shoulders hunched you will cause yourself to feel more anxious, less confident, and less influential. If you are sitting up straight, with your feet firmly on the floor, arms spread wide holding an open newspaper then you will enter the next room feeling confident, powerful, and more persuasive.

If you don’t have a newspaper with you, you can go to the restroom and stand like Wonder Woman or Superman for 2 minutes to lower your cortisol and pump up your testosterone. Or spread your arms over the edge of the chair and try to take up as much space as possible, without looking crazy! Remember…. Avoid leaning over to check your messages, text, or surf the web on your phone. You don’t want to be in this slumping position, or it will increase your cortisol and raise your stress level.

Stay tuned for new tips!

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