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10 Ways To Be Memorable And Magnetic

Whether we like it or not, socializing is a part of life. Sometimes it can really pay off to showcase the most effervescent and magnetic side of ourselves. It's why knowing how to be the life of the party is an great tool to have at our disposal, even if we secretly feel like curling up at home on the couch with a blanket and a Mad Men marathon.

Psychology Today notes that extroverts make up between 50 to 74% of the population. So up to half of us are introverts, meaning we don’t particularly enjoy playing the role of the party person. Introversion and extroversion aside, some of us are just plain shy and being the center of attention isn't exactly our dream scenario in any situation.

But in the real world, sometimes it pays to turn up the charm, and if we do have to socialize, putting our best foot forward is better than being a wallflower.

For anyone needing to up their social game HERE ARE 10 Surefire Tips to Be the Life of the Party

1. Choose Your Spot Wisely According to body language expert Janine Driver, deciding where you stand at a party is the first step in attracting others. "When you arrive, grab one or two of your friends and head straight for the middle of the room. As other people walk in, you'll appear to be the center of attention, and they'll naturally gravitate towards you."

2. Show Some Shoulder Driver also noted that the more shoulder and arm you show off (especially in colder months) the more you'll stand out. "Wear a strapless dress that maximizes the amount of shoulder you show off. Make sure it's a solid color such as red, fuchsia or turquoise (patterns cause you to blend in).