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Customer Service Body Language

Customer Focused Body Language

See something, Say something, Do something

When you own a business, occasionally something goes wrong, but how your employees respond to the situation can make the difference between keeping or losing a client. With planning, you can create a team that knows how to make things go right when things go wrong.

An important part of the planning involves building a foundation of a client-focused business. It involves teaching your team that one primary goal is to make sure the client always feels cared about.

Even when your protocols regarding service standards are in place, mistakes are inevitable. In these cases, your staff needs to know how to respond. Your team can be successful by following this three-step process – See something, say something, do something.

1. Pay attention: You can help your staff respond effectively to service errors by training them to pay attention to customers and their needs.


· You have a client that values efficiency over all other aspects of service. For this customer, employees should keep conversations short and focused. They should keep the customer updated on any wait times and always set realistic expectations.

· Another customer might tend to be anxious and slow to decide. This client needs reassurances and could benefit from the value of a service to be explained more than one time.

· Your staff should pay attention to a client’s nonverbal communication. Feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, impatience, nervousness, and fear will almost always be evident in a person’s facial expressions and body language. Teach your staff how to respond appropriately to these nonverbal signs so the client knows they care. Asking questions to clarify the customer’s feelings of concern may be necessary.