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7 Body Language Mistakes You Can Fix Today

7 Body Language Mistakes You Can Fix Today

The way you stand and gesture can make you seem more (or less) confident and attractive.

It's easier to outline out exactly what you're going to say then it is to plan out what you'll do with your hands, how you're going to stand, and your facial expression.

But, your body language — whether in an online dating profile picture or during a presentation matters a lot. It is imperative that we pay attention to it.

Listed below I have laid out a series of common body-language blunder that can make you appear less confident, more hesitant, nervous, less attractive, and even more vulnerable to crime.

You have a Weak Handshake

Your handshake is equal to 3 hours of face to face time. It is essential in building rapport with someone. A firm, friendly handshake has long been recommended in the business world as a way to make a good first impression, and the greeting is thought to date to ancient times as a way of showing a stranger you had no weapons.

The University of Alabama did a study in 2000 to find out if people could predict the personality of a person from their handshake alone. They found that the students with a firmer handshake were more outgoing, had positive outlooks, and less socially awkward.