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5 Simple Body Language Tricks You Should Know as An HR Manager

5 Simple Body Language Tricks You Should Know as An HR Manager

Most of what we communicate is nonverbal, according to research. Of about 60 to 90 percent of our nonverbal communication, 55 percent is through gestures, 38 percent through voice and only 7 percent through words. These statistics go to prove how important body language is for communication. In your role as an HR manager, communication is inevitable, whether it is with your peers or for recruiting.

With these little body language tricks, you can ensure that you are more approachable to your peers. You can also use these while interviewing candidates.

Have Good Posture

The first trick to appear confident is to have a good posture. Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Don’t be too rigid, lest you seem too uptight. Keep your body loose and relaxed. A straight back also lets you express your thoughts properly while communicating. A trick to hold a good posture and move with grace is to keep your core tight.

Maintain Eye Contact

To impart credibility to your communication, maintain eye contact with the person you’re talking to 60-70% of the time. Eye contact above 70% is creepy and eye contact below 60% is avoidant. However, don’t stare or blink rapidly; that may seem like you aren’t paying attention.

Keep Your Body Open

You want to keep your body “open” or free of anything blocking it or any barriers between you and the person with whom you are talking. To make a positive impact, keep your arms relaxed by your sides to show that you’re open to what the other person is communicating. Keep them uncrossed.

Mirroring and Matching

As an HR professional, you’re expected to be empathetic, and you can show your empathy by mirroring the facial expressions of the person you’re talking to. This indicates that you’re either in agreement or understand her or his problem. If he or she smiles, smile back. Match the other person’s movements. This will take some practice on your part. Doing this will instantly build rapport with others. Follow the motions of the other person but don’t make it obvious! Practice with a friend or family member before using it in a professional setting.

Hand Gestures

There are subtle gestures that can convey the unsaid message. Steepling your fingers is a sign of confidence and can be used once or twice throughout the conversation. But don’t overdo this hand signal as it might send across a sense of arrogance. When you speak, using your hands to gesture will increase your credibility. When shaking hands: Make sure your hands are dry, you can wipe them on the napkin around your beverage if you have one or wipe them on pants legs or skirt. Make sure your grip is equal to the strength of the other person. Don’t do a “bone crushing hand shake, and don’t do a limp handshake. You want your hand to be vertical- not on top of the other person’s hand or on the bottom of the other person’s hand. A vertical handshake puts you on a level playing field this will set the tone for a great conversation.

These body language tricks are simple and easy to follow. However, don’t try too hard to follow them – the trick is to stay relaxed. Keep these points in mind to be a graceful HR manager and an expert communicator, even when you’re not talking.

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